Kew Wetherby Soil – About Us

Our philosophy – is to encourage everyone to look at the soils on their property and understand how they developed and what impact this will have on how you farm, irrigate or rehabilitate the land.

Soil should to be considered as a three dimensional object that is influence by climate, vegetation, geomorphology, soil fauna and human interference.  Water runs through the soil down the slope not just over the surface.

Pedology – is the study of soil and originated from the Greek word “pedon”.

Kew Wetherby Soil Survey Pty Ltd was established in 1995 to provide soil survey and land evaluation services for irrigated horticulture and agriculture, broadacre farming and land rehabilitation following mining or other disturbance.  The family owned soil consultancy operates from the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia.  We provide soil and land evaluation services, soil amelioration and management, soil research and education, soil water monitoring and scheduling services and land rehabilitation services. Our client base is therefore varied and we have assisted viticulturalists, horticultural managers, broadacre farmers, corporate consulting firms and mining companies with their soil resource.


Dr Geoff Kew has worked in the areas of soil survey and land evaluation, irrigated soils, soil conservation and land rehabilitation.
He has assisted growers throughout Australia on soil and land evaluation projects for irrigation developments. This work has also taken him to the United Kingdom, Italy and Oman and Kuwait.
Victoria Wetherby is a lawyer and artist and helped establish the company and is a director.