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Soil moisture monitoring



SOIL PROFILE DATA – needed for interpreting soil moisture monitoring equipment.

The depth and thickness of soil horizons, soil texture and structure which are determined from soil profile descriptions provides essential information when interpreting soil moisture monitoring graphs. The depth of topsoil and crop rootzone depth should be known to determine from which soil horizons crops are accessing water particularly following irrigation and rainfall.

The comparison of data from soil moisture monitoring graphs with soil profile description data and readily available waterholding capacity (RAW) values will allow fine tuning of irrigation.  As RAW values are presented in millimetres (mm) they can be correlated with the amount of irrigation water applied and data presented on soil moisture monitoring graphs.

Field assessment of soil water status using a hand auger or dig stick will improve your understanding of at what depth plant roots obtain soil water.

Assistance – Water, time and money can be saved and crop yields improved by installing soil moisture monitoring devices.  We install, service and provide interpretation of results for a range of soil capacitance probes and logging devices.