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Soil monoliths

Soil monoliths – are intact soil profiles collected by an auger or from a soil pit in a box.  The intact soil profiles are cleaned of debris, cemented and displayed like a picture on the wall.  Brief descriptive terms or a full description is displayed next to the soil monolith.

Soil monoliths can be displayed anywhere either indoors at the office, cellar door sale outlets or at field days.   They are ideal for soil education in the classroom, lecture hall or at field days.

Intact soil samples can also be used for infiltration measurements or detailed analysis down the soil profile for soil research projects.

Augers with a diameter of 10 cm or 15 cm are used to collect intact soil samples in the vineyard, orchard or paddock.  Our purpose built trailer mounted drill rig is used and able to access most locations.
 Soil can also be collected in a box from a vertical open trench.


Soil monolith prepared from the box sampler showing preservation of the grass in the topsoil and the changes in soil horizons.